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I am committed to really listening for what is important to you. By really listening to you, I can support you in producing specific, measurable, and profound results you never thought were possible in your life!

I began my practice in 1992 offering a wide range of modalities unique to my practice in personal, group, and corporate settings. My clients have produced incredible results. I am confident you can, too!
—Sharon Battaglia


Certified Health Coaches are knowledgeable advisors who provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health, happiness and quality of life.


Hypnosis creates subconscious changes, as a way of being to form new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors or feelings shift to transform  an area of life you wish to transform.


Sharon has over 20 years of experince in helping her clients stop smoking, reduce weight, manage stress, create their well being as well as creating profound breakthroughs for people struggling with phobias, anxiety or other addictions and habbits.

Get to know Sharon

Experienced Health Coach

A relationship with a health coach is an incredibly rewarding experience. Your coach is a mentor who supports and guides you in achieving your wellness goals. When a “holistic” approach to reaching your health goals is successful, you transform your experience of eating, exercise, career, relationships, and spirituality. This approach can often lead to experiencing being healthy and happy in many other areas of your life as well. It’s a win-win partnership between you and your coach.

Personal & Professional Development

Since 1992, Sharon has worked with hundreds of clients in Oregon, Vermont, & Massachusetts. She has supported individuals in private settings as well as inside corporations, wellness centers, schools, and hospitals. Sharon’s extensive training and experience in unique and different modalities distinguishes her from others in her field.

Professional Certification

During Sharon’s career, she’s owned two Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers in New England and worked with hundreds of clients in achieving positive results.

She is certified by The National Guild of Hypnosis and The National Federation of Neurolinguistics Pschology. Sharon is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and is a Certified Wellness Coach by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Deliverable Results

Sharon is fully committed to really listening for what is important to you. As evidenced by the touching testimonials of her clients, Sharon’s expertise in health coaching and hypnotherapy yields profound results in her clients’ lives.
Sharon’s programs are designed for her clients to be highly successful in minimizing or eliminating personal addictions such as eating, smoking, and stress reduction. When clients are successful, their confidence soars and they feel freedom around their health issues.
Imagine experiencing the same deliverable results that you produce. Imagine feeling “free” from your current health circumstances. Imagine your life moving forward without health constraints holding you back. Imagine, just imagine, leading a life you love!

Sharon Battaglia

“Thirty plus years ago I gave up a two pack a day smoking habit with the help of hypnosis. In 2010/11 I lost 45 pounds.” Hypnosis works and I make it AFFORDABLE!

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What Clients Have To Say

The REAL You

Unleash your true self expression

Why limit yourself. You truly can have a life that is amazing where you are fully self expressed, a life that matters greatly to you. I have come to realize in the 20 plus years of working with the public we cannot fix one area of our lives and have it all work. Most of us have been led to believe that if we fix our overweight all else we want, all else we long for will easily fall into place. I have come to realize it is just the opposite. If we can learn to create a life that matters to us, a powerful, self expressed life the weight will take care of itself. This is true with most things we think are in the way of the great life we want to have. We do not need to overly process, analyst, fix our lives as a problem. Let me teach you how to create the life you want. Let me teach you the tools that you take with you after our sessions are complete. The learning that empowers you for a life time. You really do have the power to create an amazing, life. Unleash your full self expression, your personal power and create a life that matters in all areas. Relationships, Finances, Spiritual, Community, Health!

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